Pointman Loyalty Card Solution

Loyalty Card Solution, Loyalty cards, loyalty card printing, loyalty card systemThe Pointman Loyalty card solution is an excellent way of improving your customer loyalty. The Pointman utilises PET plastic cards which can be personalised with the companies details on the front, the loyalty card is then inserted into loyalty Pointman Bonus Terminal where you can carry out all the transactions on the card i.e. add or subtract points to and from the card loyalty card, view current points amount etc. The Terminal also prints the total number of points or money on the reverse card so the client always knows exactly how many points they have etc. The Terminal can also be used with Card Management software to allow the user to further manage their loyalty members details etc.

Improve Customer’s LoyaltyLoyalty cards, retail loyalty cards

  • Thermal Printing on PET card with Mag. Stripe
  • Customer’s Design printing on the backside of PET card
  • Customer Management Program using PC(Separate Sales)

Useful marketing tool to enhance customer loyalty

  • Simple Operation
  • Specially designated to support small and medium-sized shops
  • Enable to check the breakdown of transaction such as ‘Date’, ‘Sales’,‘Reward’, ‘Total Reward’,loyalty card, printed plastic loyalty card, loyalty card printing, or ‘Item’directly on PET card
  • Enable to operate independently without any other peripherals
  • Enable users to choose reward rate at their discretion
  • ‘Bonus Use’ and ‘Refund’ function also available
  • Enable to check the sum of sales for the day, the month, and the year
  • Enable to place a shop’s own design onto PET card

Loyalty card software, loyalty card solution on pc, loyalty cards


Restaurant, Cafe, Bakery, Hair salon, Gas Station, Stationery, Cloth shop etc. Pointman can be used in almost any sector including retail, education, membership corporate etc.

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