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CardLogic offer a wide range of readers and devices that are required for applications where the reading of information or the capture of photos is required.

Where information such as a numbers need to be read from a mag-stripe card, CardLogic offers the Mini Mag-stripe reader. The Omnikey range of smart card readers can be used to read information from smart cards.

The Logitech Webcam sphere is a webcam with pan and tilt capabilities and also links directly with Card5 Vision and Lobby Track software which makes the capturing of photos effortless.

Finally if you require to capture a digital signature the Epad ink allows the user to sign a name on the pad and then save this image or directly import into software.

Please select the reader or device you require below:

Mini Mag Stripe Reader
Mini Mag Stripe Reader

The MiniMag is an intelligent, programmable MagStripe reader.Read more…

Mini Mag Stripe Reader (More Info)
Logitech Webcam Sphere
Logitech Webcam Sphere

8 megapixel, automatic pan & tilt capabilities and… Read more…

Epad Signature Capture Device
Epad Signature Capture Device

ePad is ePadlink ’s low-cost electronic signature capture device for any environment.Read more…

Omnikey Smartcard Readers
Omnikey Smart Card Readers

The CardMan 5321 USB device offers the very best in high-speed interface technology…Read more…

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