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In relation to contactless cards for access control, HID Global is the worlds leading supplier. Their world renowned reputation for value, partnership, global reputation and customer service is unlike any other within the security industry. HID Proximity cards and HID Prox keyfobs are known as being the industry standard for access control for security personnel, dealers, distributors and integrators. Featuring 125 kHz RFID technology HID prox products are robust, affordable, and seamlessly integrate with access control systems.


The HID ISOProx II card gives both proximity technology and also a photo ID capability on a single plastic card. This card has a standard 30mil thickness and is also ISO 7810 Compliant. With its graphics quality surface, this card allows for brilliant photo ID card printing. The ISO Prox II card can come in standard PVC or for more harsh environments it can is also available in composite polyester/PVC i.e. to be used with a lamination printer.

As with all HID ISO cards, the ISOProx II card can be produced with enhanced security and visual features such as ultra violet printing, holograms, holodesigns and custom logos.

DuoProx II card

The DuoProx II card not only offers proximity but also mag-stripe to open further applications with the use of this card. This means you can now use card for not only an access control system but also for other applications such as parking & time and attendance.

Similar to the other ISO HID cards the DuoProx II is normal 30 mil thickness same as a standard credit card and is ISO 7810 compliant. As the card has a graphic quality surface they can easily be used for printing of staff ID cards, Visitor Cards, Student cards etc.

This type of card can also be manufactured with different PVC make up such as standard PVC or composite Polyester/PVC for more demanding applications where a high strength card is required.

The PVC Composite cards are more suitable when using a HID card with a re-transfer film printer as with the added heat required to apply the film to the card surface the composite card are able to endure the higher temperatures for this type of application

The HID Prox Key Fob

The RF-programmable Pokey II proximity key fob incorporates proximity technology into a convenient device approximately the size of an automotive key. Compatible with all HID proximity readers, it provides an external number for easy and control. Pokey II supports formats up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion codes. It can be used with pcProx for workstation log-in.

Offers Extremely consistent read range and is unaffected by body shielding or other variable environmental conditions even when close to keys or coins. The HID Keyfob is also very compact and convenient as it can easily be carried with keys or in a handbag or purse.

It has an extremely long lift as it is passive, no battery design allows for an infinite number of reads. It has also been manufactured from a durable polycarbonate so it is resident to cracking or breaking.

Smart ISOProx II / Smart DuoProx II

Multi-technology proximity access control cards for use with contact smart chip modules from Card Logic. HID’s smart ISOProx II and smart DuoProx II proximity cards now provide a longer read range in a package designed to be embedded with a contact smart chip module of your choice.

These types of cards meet the requirements for access control, network access, data security, parking and photo ID on a single plastic card. These types of cards offer universal compatibility with HID proximity readers. They also accommodate custom printing including photos, logos, personal information on plastic card printer along with magnetic stripes, barcodes and smart chip modules.

Both the smart ISOProx II and smart Duo Prox II are thin in design so can easily be displayed in a card holder or in wallet or purse.

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