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Paxton Access cards, access control cards, swipe cards, smart card, smartcardsPaxton Cards offer the very best and most current solutions when it comes to access and security technology. The products that they have in their range include quite remarkable answers to the pressing needs of organisations everywhere.

Proximity cards and mag-stripe cards can be provided for use with the Net2 system. These type of proximity cards and with or with out mag-stipe can be provided to be sued with the Paxton Net2 system. Each individual card is programmed and printed with a unique 8 digit number so you can easily add the cards to your access control system. The cards also have a graphic quality surface on both sides so they can easily be used with a card printer to print and personalize the card.

Available Cardsid card, access control card, smart card, paxton access

Net 2 Proximity Cards 692-448 uniquely coded Net 2 proximity ISO cards.

Net 2 Proximity Cards 692-500

Net 2 Magstripe Cards 695-573 uniquely coded Net 2 magstripe cards

Net2 proximity keyfobs 695-644

Net2 proximity cards 693-112

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