Staff/Employee ID cards

Staff Employee ID CardsID cards for employees allow all staff members to be easily identified. ID cards can include photographs and details of the card holder including name, department, ID number etc. Cards that include a mag-stripe, barcode or chip allow the card to be easily integrated into other systems such as access control, time & attendance or a parking solution. CardLogic can provide you with all in one solution including plastic card printer, card design software, ribbons, cards and camera to produce high quality staff ID cards.

Student ID Cards

A large number of schools, colleges & universities in Ireland issue a student ID card to every student. These cards not only give a representation of the institution that the student is associated with but also student information such as course details, expiry dates, date of births etc. CardLogic specialises in providing a fully encompassed solution to produce superior quality student cards. As with all colleges and universities the gathering of student information can be the hardest task. CardLogic can provide with Card5 Design software which can easily import student information from an external database, directly link in our Logitech Sphere camera and automatically save and crop a photo in a matter of seconds.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are issued to its members which give details such as membership number and expiry date. Other details can also be catered for including photograph and also the organisations crest or logo. CardLogic offer membership software called lobby track from Jolly Technologies. This software package allows you to register members, issue cards and also track membership attendance. This software can be used for a variety of application including gyms & fitness clubs, crèche’s, large organisations etc.

Visitor Management

Visitor cards are used for organisations at reception when a visitor arrives at a company you can issue them with a visitor card so it clearly states who they are and who they are meeting. Lobby track software not only allows you to issue visitor cards but also check them in and out while they are on site. You can also view detailed reports about how long they were on site and who they meet with. Cards can be issued from the software to any plastic card printer so you can produce high quality visitor cards anytime.

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