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Lanyard Basics

A lanyard is a “cord” or “strap” worn around the neck – used to display and protect items such as ID Cards, Keys or mobile phones. We offer 3 disctinct lanyard options.

Stock : Blank lanyard available in all colours you can think of.

Pre-printed: Pre-printed lanyards come pre-printed with commonly used text such as “staff” “visitor” or “student.

Custom: The neck strap is personalised to your exact specification with your desired logo and text.


each lanyard we sell has a handy safety feature. A breakaway clasp will allow the strap to detach from the neck should it come under pressure preventing any damage to the neck.

Bulk Lanyard stock

If you have an event coming up in Galway why not take advantage of out bulk lanyard deals. We offer special offers on big quantities of pre-printed and stock lanyards. We offer next day delivery to most Galway regions.

Galway’s No. 1 Lanyard Printer

We supply many of Galways leading companies, educational institutions and clubs with custom lanyards.

Custom Neck Straps

Customise your lanyard to your exact needs. Add detailed text and logos to really stand out from the crowd.

We can offer a whole host of colours, print options and specialised materials on request.

Retractable Functionality

Adding a badge reel can easily create a retractable lanyard which allows the user to extend the cord to swipe their ID Card. Once released the extended cord retracts back into the badge reel and out of harms way. Retractable cords are often used at events and buildings where secure access control is required whilst reducing the risk of entanglement or loss.