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Learn more about our lanyard range

Stock: Available in a wide range of colors and with a choice of clips, these low cost neck straps are made from a durable polyester material and are ultra bright and strong

Pre-printed: We offer arange of off the shelf pre-printed lanyards. These are printed with some of the more commonly used terms such as STAFF, VISITOR or STUDENT.

Bespoke : This item is designed and printed exactly to your specifications. It can be customised to include, company names, logos with specialised colors and materials.

A lanyard is a convenient neck strap for convenient access and display of a an ID card or object. We can categorise a lanyard into 3 categories:

Stock : Plain blank strap, available in a range of colours

Pre-printed: This lanyard range comes with pre-printed text – usually commonly used text such as “staff” or “student”.

Custom: The neck strap is personalisedto your exact specification with your desired logo and text.


Unfortunately, it’s very nature can make a neck strap hazardous in the wrong environment. Thats why each strap we provide comes with a safety breakway which will detach the lanyard from the neck when pressure is applied.This is very important when working with machinery or with animals.

Lanyard Quantity

We sell our lanyards in bulk packs of 100 to provide greater value for money.If you need less than 100, no problem just let us know and we can sort you out with the quantity you need.

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Lanyard Printing

Lanyards can be printed to your required specifications.You can add text or logos or a combination of both to your item to give it a much more personal feel.

Custom Neck Straps

The level of customisation is really up to you. We can add detailed logos and text to your lanyard – in one instance or repeated along the whole strip.

Specialised printing including printing, colouring and materials are available on request.
A Custom neck strapdesign is a very visual way to stand out from the crowd
and are very cost-effective.

Retractable Functionality

Adding a badge reel can easily create a retractable lanyard which allows the user to extend the cord to swipe their ID Card. Once released the extended cord retracts back into the badge reel and out of harms way. Retractablecords are often used at events and buildings where secure access control is required whilst reducing the risk of entanglement or loss.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]