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Evolis Quantum Card Printer

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Industrial Printing without the costs.

Evolis Quantum Printer

Power & Flexibilty

The Evolis Quantum card printer is a high tech powerhouse with the capabilities of an industrial printer condensed into convenient desktop proportions. Capable of printing up to 1000 monochrome cards in just 60 minutes, this versatile machine is a fantastic solution for printing large volumes of ID Cards, Student Cards, Membership cards and more.

Industrial Productivity

Due to a high-volume feed tray and stacker with a capacity of 500 cards each, this printer is capable of producing up to 1000 cards per hour in single-colour. The encoding module operates totally independant of the print module allowing the cards to be encoded and printed in a single run.

Easy to use

Quantum was specifically designed to improve efficency: Cards can be loaded and retrieved easily without removing the storage trays. The LCD display shows the current printer status and consumable level minimizing downtime.

Cut your costs

The Quantum printer can handle huge print volumes with extremely high print quality; this offers an economical alternative to industrial printing. You can print your own cards in-house without the need to outsource to a third-party and incurring additional costs.