Loyalty Card Printer: Datacard SD460 Card Printer

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The Datacard SD460 is the new standard for high-quality plastic card printing.

Datacard SD460 Loyalty Card Printer

Offering the highest standard in secure printing, the Datacard SD460 offers a fast, effective system for your printing needs. With this reliable, all-in-one printer, you can add unique security overlays and other personalisation features to help combat fraud. Thanks to a magnetic stripe encoder this printer is ideal as a loyalty card printer.

Superior technology: The Datacard SD460 is a technical marvel.  Because of its Truematch technology, this card printer will ensure vibrant, high definition results each and every time.  Texts are a printed in deep inky blacks, while images have photorealistic qualities. Furthermore, this machine has an exceptionally fast print speed – capable of printing 200 cards per hour.

As with many of the market leaders, the Datacard SD460 has the ability to add overlaminate to your printed card. But, where the SD460 shines is in its ability to emboss your custom logo onto the card, thanks to its tactile impression technology. This adds a level of security which is almost impossible to copy. This versatile loyalty card printer is also ideal for medium to high-security applications such as Hospitals, Prisons and Government facilities.

  • Dual-sided Printer
  • Mag Encoder
  • Prints up to 200 secure cards per hour
  • Manufacturer part number – 507428-001/507952-001

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