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MIFARE® Ultralight Proximity Cards

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MIFARE ® cards are ideal for applications that require quick and easy reading such as event ticketing or travel tickets.


MIFARE cards ® are proximity cards i.e. cards which do not physically touch a reader. Contactless cards interact and are powered by the reader through RF (radio frequency) induction. These type of cards make access control much more efficient.

MIFARE ® cards are suitable for use with any plastic card printer. These cards have an 800-micron thickness and have a CR80 size (credit card). Compatible, with all existing MIFARE  applications, these cards are a great all-rounder for access control to public transport.

  • Pack of 100
  • Contains a genuine Philips/NXP S70 4k MIFARE ® chip
  • CR80 credit card sized (86 x 54mm)
  • Manufacturer part number – ULTRALIGHT

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