Smart 31S Card Printer Review

IDP has just released the successor to the hugely popular Smart 30 plastic card printer and we’re excited to finally get our hands on it. Like its predecessor, the Smart 31 promises extreme value for money with fantastic functionality.

So, whats new?

Immediately obvious is the sleek new design. The compact printer looks fantastic in contrasting black and white. But, its not all about aesthetics – the addition of a new processor and revised electronics boost the already impressive print capabilities of the 30S.

Security Focused

Perhaps the most prominent addition to the printers features is the addition of the all new “Smart Mark” security feature.

Smart Mark is a security overlay feature which places a transparent watermark overlay on top of your card. Of course, Smart Mark can be completely customised to suit the needs of your organisation – text or image can be used.

Print Bigger Batches

Another improvement to the 31 is the ability to produce larger batches of cards in a single-run. With an 80-card input hopper and a 25-card output hopper, the 31 is sure to cut down on the tedious task of constantly feeding in cards.


Some things never change… Like its predecessor, the 31S promises extreme reliabilty and of course, this is back by IDP’s 5-year warranty.

For more information on the Smart 31S or to purchase visit the link: Smart 31S Card Printer

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