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ID card printers are used to print all types of plastic cards in-house. Design, customise and print ID, Gift, Loyalty and any other type of plastic card you can think of on the spot.

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If you need anything related to plastic cards, whether it be a new ID Card printer, printer consumables, ID Cards, Access Control Cards and everything in between then we can help you save time and money,

CardLogic is Ireland’s leading id card printer provider- we supply, service and maintain card printers from the worlds leading manufacturers such as Smart, Zebra, Datacard Evolis and more.From printers and accessories to bespoke printed cards.We pride ourselves on providing a quick, reliable and low-cost service to our clients.

With thousands of happy customers and millions of cards printed we’re confident we can offer you the best possible service when it comes to plastic cards.From card printers to card accessories and ribbons – we’ve got them all and at -rock-bottom prices.

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Choose the right ID Card Printer For You

A card printer is a desktop printing machine used to personalize and print plastic cards such as ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards and more.

ID Card printers offer a convenient, simple and cost-effective way to manage your staff, membership or gift cards. Printers have become much more accessible in recent years, steadily decreasing in price while increasing in functionality and usability.

While most ID Card printers are similar in terms of functionality, there are a few key differences which anybody should be aware of before buying a new machine.

Check out our guide for purchasing your very first printer here: Printer Guide

Shopping for an ID Card Printer can be a little overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.  We break down the  key points to keep in mind to help focus your search. 

1). Single or Dual-Sided

Most printer models come in both single and dual-sided configurations. Single-sided printers are more cost-effective but require you to manually flip the card to print each side. This is not practical if printing large batches of cards. 

2) Dye Sublimation (DTC) or Reverse Transfer (Retransfer) 

DTC is the most common desktop printer type. They’re, compact, cost-effective and easy to use.  Retransfer printers are similar in terms of functionality but they offer a much better print quality. However, these printers are much more expensive and slower.

3). Volume:

Entry level machines are simply not equipped with the print engines to handle large volumes of cards. Entry level machines should be limited to 1000 – 2000 cards per-year. Any more than that, it’s advisable to upgrade to a more robust machine with large input and output hoppers. 


 5). Connection Type

All ID card printers use USB as standard to connect to a PC. However, many have network connectivity options via ethernet and even wifi. 


Security and lamination.This is a big concern for educational institutions or government agencies.A lamination unit can either be purchase upfront or in some cases by added at a later date.This,

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