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Ireland’s No1 Plastic Card Printing Provider

CardLogic is Ireland’s leading supplier of Plastic Card printing solutions. We pride ourselves on providing a quick, reliable and low-cost service to our clients.


Our ID Card services cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want a simple single-sided text -based card or a full-colour smart card.

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Spread awareness of your brand. Gift cards are an often overlooked low-cost method of boosting your business.

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Printed Membership cards are a convenient way for any gym, leisure club or organisation to track and manage attendance to the club.

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Promote your brand and keep your customers coming back with an eye-catch design displaying your logo and contact details.

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There are two methods for printing plastic cards:

Direct to card

Direct to card aka Dye Sublimation is the most commonly used method for printing cards. It uses a thermal printhead which passed over a colour ribbon and fuses the colour to the card. DTC Card printers are cheaper than their more expensive counterparts, although they do come with come caveats. Dye sublimation machines have a lesser print quality than retransfer and cannot print full edge-to-egde.


Retransfer printers are the gold standard for printing plastic cards. Although more expensive, these machines offer a far superior result in terms of print quality and of course – the all important over the edge print.