Paxton Net 2 Proximity Cards

Paxton proximity cards are integral to the Paxton Net2 access control system, serving as a key for users to access secure doors and areas. These proximity cards come with a unique identification number.

When presented to a Paxton proximity reader, the system verifies if the user has the right permissions for entry. If the user’s permissions are confirmed, access is allowed. Paxton proximity cards are widely used in places like office buildings, schools, and various secure settings to control and oversee entry.

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Paxton Net2 Proximity Cards: Unmatched Efficiency, Unparalleled Security

Paxton Net2 proximity cards redefine access control. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Net2 system, these cards offer a powerful yet user-friendly solution for securing your entry points.

Engineered for Paxton’s Net2 systems, Net2 proximity cards represent a leap forward in access control technology. They provide secure, contactless entry, making them ideal for various environments, from corporate offices to educational institutions.

 Benefits of Net2 Proximity Cards

  • Ironclad Security: Advanced encryption safeguards your premises against unauthorized access, offering complete peace of mind.
  • Effortless Entry: Gain access with a simple tap of your card, streamlining the entry process for everyone.
  • Built to Last: These durable cards are designed to withstand frequent use, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Manage access across multiple doors and sites with ease. Net2 proximity cards provide the flexibility you need.

Paxton Net2 cards are at the forefront of access control technology, providing a secure and efficient way to manage building entry. Their ease of use, coupled with the robust security features, makes them a top choice for businesses and organizations looking to control access efficiently.