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Plastic Card Printers

Plastic Card printers have become very popular in businesses today. Many industries have an increasing demand for high quality printed plastic cards. A plastic card printer is available as a single-sided or dual-sided version and also full-colour or monochrome version. Here at CardLogic we supply card printers from a wide range of manufacturers throughout the world including Zebra, Smart, Evolis, Datacard Magicard and Fargo. All ID printers come with added options such as mag encoding or smart card encoding.

Plastic Card Printer Applications

A plastic card printer can be used for many applications and in many different organisations:

University & College ID cards – card printers can produce Student ID cards which can include student photo, name of the card holder, course they are attending. The ID card can also incorporate a smart chip or a mag-stripe and the card printer can be sued to encode information on to the student card so that the student can use the card for cashless payment for photocopying.

Membership Cards – These types of card can be used in both colour card printers and monochrome printers. Using colour card printers you print out the organisations details i.e. for associations you can print out the crest etc and name. You can also include the name of the card holder and when their membership expires. When printing large amounts of membership cards it is better to get the cards pre-printed with the main print and then use a monochrome plastic printer and personalise the cards with monochrome printer, not only will this save money but it will also speed up the printing time.

Access Control and Swipe cards – Smart cards access control cards and mag-stripe cards can easily be printed and encoded in the same printing cycle.

Staff ID cards – Print high quality ID cards with card holders details such as name, department photo etc.

Loyalty and Gift Cards – print promotion details on a high quality plastic card while also incorporating a barcode to scan the card and record transaction in your loyalty or POS solution.

Printer Card Design Software

Lastly as part of a full solution we can also provide card design software. Easybadge can be used to easily create, design and print ID cards. You can import card holder information from databases and encode mag-stripe cards and smart card cards.

We also offer all supplies required for printers including colour ribbons for producing high quality ID Cards, monochrome ribbons for personalisation of blank and pre-printed plastic cards and also cleaning supplies for the card printers including cleaning cards, swabs and rollers.