Asset Tags

CardLogic is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of Asset tags and labels. Ourtags are available in a variety of materials and sizes which are suitable for a wide range of uses. All our tags and labels are made from the highest quality materials. You can choose from metal, polyester or PVC.

You can also choose from special grade adhesives which prevent tampering. For example: should the label or tag be removed it willleave a void mark on the surface of the asset.

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Personalised Asset Tags

You can also choose from special grade adhesives where the label or tag is removed it will leave either leave a checkered effect or a void mark on the surfice of the asset which then shoAsset Label samplews that the asset tag has been tampered with. There are various different adhesives available depending on the surface and type of tag or label that is required for the application.

All asset tags/labels can be supplied personalised with a company logo, printed with a barcode so the asset can be scanned into an asset tagging solution, number printed on the tag for a visual representation fo the asset tag number.

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RFID Asset Tags

Our asset tags and labels can also be supplied with an RFID chip which can be encoded with a number which makes the tag itself even more secure as you can use a specialised RFID reader or handheld to read the asset number from the tag into a system. These types of tags can also be supplied in a full plastic housing and are known as on metal tags, they are highly durable and can be used in a wide range of industries.

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