FARGO PRINTERS: Powering Trusted Identities

HID FARGO printers are a world-renowned brand in the ID card space. Fargo supply a huge range of ID Card and badge printers with a variety of features and functions.Check our our Fargo stock to find the perfect printer that meeds your needs.

Fargo Card Printers


Fargo offer some of the most secure, efficient ID card printing solutions for producing any type of printed card from basic staff ID to highly secure financial cards.

Fargo ID Card Printer


Fargo are renowned for their security features and are commonly utilised for ultra-secure operations such as financial cards or government id card issuance.

Fargo Card Printers


Fast and feature-rich, the HID FARGO HDP6600 sets the new customer demanded standard in retransfer printing.

Fargos ID Badge & card printers are avilable with a whole range of features and functionality. Find the perfect printer to suit your secuity, quality and aesthetic needs.

Fargo Card Printers

Fargo offer a diverse Direct-to-card (DTC) range. These desktop printers offer an affordable way to print a variety of plastic card types in-house.

From the affordable C50 printer to the high-security premium DTC4500e -- with the mid-range 4250E in between, Fargo has a printer for every possible need and budget



fargo card printer

Fargo ID Card Printers

Fargo printers are a line of plastic card printers designed by HID®, a big name in the identification and security industries. Fargo ID card printers have a large range available, from small single-sided machines to high-end dual-sided printers.

Fargo printers are an industry favourite and are in use across a number of industries worldwise. Government offices, universites and corporations across the globe use Fargo printers for their card printing needs.

Fargo C50 – The C50 is an entry level machine great for small businesses or clubs with low volume printing needs. Easy to use, simple to set up, it’s a great choice for those venturing into into plastic card printing for the first time. Fargo

DTC1250E – The DTC1250E is a great all rounder. It’s got lightning fast print speeds, excellent quality and it’s easy to use. This printer is a great option for small to medium print operations.

Fargo DTC4250e – The DTC4250E is a premium offering. Ideal for those who print a lot of cards. This high-performance machine is specifically designed for reliably printing large volumes of cards. We also offer a number of Fargo printing supplies: ribbons, cleaning kits and laminates.