Stock & Pre-printed Lanyards

A lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neck used to display ID Cards, Keys and other accessories. Lanyards are available in three formats. Blank, pre-printed and custom printed.

pre-printed lanyards

Pre-Printed Lanyards

Pre-printed lanyards are straps which have been pre-printed with commonly used phrases such as "Staff" "Visitor" and "Student". We stock a wide range of pre-printed neck straps ready for next day delivery.



Lanyards are the perfect business tool, they offer convenient access to items such as ID Cards, usb keys or mobile phones.

plain lanyards

Promotional Use

Many organisations choose to use lanyards as a promotional tool. It’s easy to brand your with your company logo details to raise brand awareness.


Endless Customisation Options

Our neck straps come in various shapes and sizes and can be supplied in a range of materials with custom colours, fonts and graphics.