Plastic card printers

Plastic Card Printers

CardLogic supply a wide range of card printers, printer bundles and accessories for a wide variety of applications. With over 15 years experience, we understand the needs and challenges faced by organisations and businesses of all sizes when it comes to card printing and as such are in a unique position to provide the perfect solution. 

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Magicard ribbons
Industry leading card printer manufacturer with world class build quality and support.
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smart printers
Cost Effective reliable printers backed by a 5-year warranty
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Entrust provide high-quality printers focused on security.
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Zebra Printers
Zebra card printers make it easy to connect, create and print high quality, durable cards for a variety of applications
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evolis printers
Evolis is a global leader in badge and card printer solutions.
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Fargo Printers
Fargo provides card printers that range from entry-level printers to the industry's most sophisticated.
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Popular Card Printers

Compact, reliable and easy to use. The Smart 31 is a budget friendly card printer perfect for all entry-level printing. 

When it comes to secure and reliable ID card printing, you can trust the Magicard 300 to deliver.


The Magicard 600 printer provides the  best quality prints of any direct to desktop card printer. 


The Magicard Ultima is a re-transfer card printer providing high-definitionover the edge prints. 


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What is a card printer?

A card printer is a desktop printing machine used for printing plastic cards such as ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards are more.


What can i use it for?

A card printer can be used to print  just about any type of PVC card. Card printers come with many optional functions such as magnetic/smart encoding, lamination and holographic printing..

Why choose us

Buy a card printer machine today or save some money on our fantastic printer bundle offers which include everything you need to start printing cards.

Direct to card printers

Direct to card is by far the most common printing technique used today for plastic ID card printing in low volumes. This print process works by the printhead coming in to direct contact with the surface of the blank card. The printhead applies heat directly to the ribbon panels to print vibrant colours and crisp detailed text to the card.


Easy to use

direct to card printer
retransfer card printer

Retransfer printers

Retransfer printers offer the highest possible print quality for any desktop card printer.   These machines use a two step process known as reverse transfer printing to create cards. This process offers a much higher print quality than their direct to card counterparts.  These machines can also print over the edge of the card giving a much better finish. 

Superior quality

Edge-to-edge printing

How does it work?


A blank card is fed into the printer through the machines input hopper


The card passes underneath an ink ribbon which is heated by a thermal print head

Card Printer


The print head heats the ink ribbon and fuses the colours from each panel onto the card


Each different ribbon panel places the various colors of your image onto the surface of the card.

What kind of cards can i print

Card printers can be used to print a variety of different types of cards for a range of different uses. 

Print staff ID cards with Logo’s colour and text. These cards can also be encoded for access control purposes.  

A card printer can be used to issue training cards to trainers and trainees quickly and efficiently on-site. 

Print your own gift cards in-house

Print and encode loyalty cards for use with your own POS system. 

Card Printer Bundles

Everything you need to start printing cards
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Card Printer Bundle
Magicard 600 Bundle