Badge reels for id cards

A badge reel is a simple device consisting or a metallic or plastic case which contains a retractable cord. This cord connects to an ID card holder allowing the freedom extend and retract the ID card as needed.

badge reels


Today’s business life is hectic, we know that. So, why not add a little convenience to your life with one of our plastic badge reels – never worry about losing your id or keys again. All of our badge reels are made from premium materials and are built to last. So, whether you sit at desk or climb the rooftops you dont have to worry about your ID. We have a number of different styles available to suit every taste.



Badge reels come with a variety of optional clips depending on user preference. Spring clips, belt and close-end pins are just some of the variations used to attach the badge reel to your attire.

badge reels

Variety of uses

Badge reels are widely used in the business and education sector. Users often use badge reels for clocking in and out of work or college. They can also be used to hold small tools or keys. .