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Lanyard Basics

A lanyard is a wearable cord or strap.It is typically worn around the neck are and used for quick access to and display ofID cards and accessories.

Lanyards normally fall into3 categories:

Stock : This type of lanyard is blank with a choice of metal or plastic clip available in a range of colours.

Pre-printed: Pre-printed lanyards come directly from the manufacturer with pre-printed text such as staff, visitor or guest.

Custom: This is where your creativity comes into play. This involves printing the lanyardwith your own text, logo or image.


Lanyards can sometimes be hazardous in the wrong environment.That’s why each and every lanyard we sell comes with a safety breakaway.

Lanyard With Card Holder

We can also provide a card holder to match your lanyard.We have a full range of card holders in every colour to match your lanyard.

Dublin’s premier lanyard supplier

From Dundrum all the way up to Dublin Airport. CardLogic has supplied businesses, clubs and educational institutions with a high-quality low-cost lanyard printing service.

We offer a bespoke printing lanyard printing service

Retractable Functionality

If you need a little more functionality with your lanyard, why not add a badge reel. This allows the user to extend the cord should an ID Card need to be swiped.