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We create full-colour ID cards with your requested details. Use your own card design or have us design your card free of charge.



ID Cards
ID Cards
ID Cards
ID Cards
ID Cards
ID Cards

ID Card Printing Services

Discover a world of professionalism, security, and customization with our top-notch ID card printing services. Whether you are a multinational corporation, a local school, or a medical facility, we ensure that every card we produce speaks volumes about your brand's identity and professionalism. Here's an outline of the various ID cards by sector that we specialize in:

Staff ID Cards

Staff ID Cards: Purpose: Differentiate employees, contractors, and visitors. Features: Company Logo, Employee's Name, Designation, Employee Number, Department. Add-ons: Magnetic stripe for time-attendance systems, Embedded smart chip for data storage or added security.

Student ID Cards

Purpose: Identity verification, access to facilities, and maintaining campus security. Features: School Logo, Student Name, Grade/Year, Enrollment Number, room access, library access. Add-ons: Barcode for library check-outs, Lanyard hole punch, Transparent cardholder slot.

Event ID Cards

Purpose: quickly and easily Identify attendees, VIPs, speakers, and staff. Features: Event logo, Attendee's Name, Designation (if applicable), QR code for event check-ins. Add-ons: Customized lanyards, Hole punches, Protective plastic covers. Access Control, card encoding.


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