ID Card Design Software distributed in Ireland by Card Logic.

ID Card Printing Software

Your card printer may be the brawn of your printing operation but your card printing software is the brains. And as we all know -brains beats brawn.Your card software is one of the most crucial parts of your id printing system.

Your cardsoftware is what allows you to design, edit, and encode your cards; build, edit and communicate with a database and add enhanced security to your ID cards.

Design Cards
Create and edit your custom ID Cards

Manage Records

Print Cards
Print your custom cards directly

Not all card software is created equal. We've partnered with the best in the business in terms of functionality, ease of use and cost.


Manage your records with ease. Add records manually or mass import from Excel, Word and Access.

Not all card software is created equal. Some packages are extremely user friendly and intuitive, while others are, frankly not.CardLogic provide, in our expert opinion a range of software packages which combine, ease of use and functionality into one affordable package.

All our software packages make designing and printing cards simple. With easy to follow set-up wizards, you can learn to easily manage your print station in minutes.Whether you are printing a handful of monochrome cards or a huge batch of encoded multi-coloured cards, the intuitive user-interface practically eliminates the need for technical knowledge.

People are often intimidated by design programs as they tend to have a steep learning curve but not these programs, they offer a whole new level of simplicity and user convenience so that you can print hassle free.

Which card software is right for me?

All software packages we provide are intuitive, have excellent compatibility with most printers offer great value for money.  We find Imagebase to cater better to beginners and Easybadge for more advanced users.

Will it work with my printer? 

Our software packages have excellent compatibility with all plastic card printers. 

Lite Software typically offers full-printing functionality but has a limit on the number of records you can store in your database. If you print a small number of cards, lite is your best bet.

Professional allows you to add an unlimited number of records to your printing database. Ideal for larger organisations.

Lost or stolen cards can easily be reprinted as they are stored in the database.A record of how many times each card has been printed is also recorded.