Easybadge Card Design Software – Lite

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Easybadge lite is a premier card design software suite which has a host of custom features which allows the user to easily design and print plastic cards.

Easybadge Card Design Software

Easybadge is a premier ID card design software platform, known for its simplicity and wide range of features.

The software has a huge range of features which allow the end user to easily and effectively design and print their very own plastic cards.

Suitable for printing all kinds of cards – staff ID Cards, membership cards, loyalty, gift and student ID Cards – Just about any card you can think of.

  • Simple Effective Card Design Software

    Easybadge is designed with user experience in mind. The simple startup wizard guides you through setup all the way to printing your very first card.

  • Feature Rich Software

    Though simple to use, the package offers a whole host of features including magnetic stripe and smart encoding.

  • Simple Database Management

    Easily add, edit and remove records from your database. Import from Excel, Access and more.

Simple set up: Easybadge has an intuitive setup wizard which guides the user through everything, from setting up your database to designing your card. The wizard will show examples of custom designs based on a company logo and will incorporate any colours within a company log into the design with very little user input.

Card Printing Software on the go

A huge benefit of Easybadge is the accompanying app, suitable for both iPhone and Android devices. The app allows users to capture photos on their device and immediately import it into a database. The user can also put in any details such as name, employee number etc – ready to print at the touch of a button.

This software is compatible with all is compatible with all major brands of card printers including Smart, Zebra, Datacard, Fargo and Magicard. This version, Easybadge Lite is the entry level software and as such has a limited number of 100 records. Should you require more than 100 records the Professional version will be required.

*Please note that Easybadge is only available for windows and is not Mac compatible. Should you require software for a Mac, please contact our sales team on 0567712650 to discuss further options.

  • Card printing made simple; no technical knowledge needed
  • Database of 100 records
  • Compatible with all plastic card printers

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