Paxton Net 2 Fobs

Paxton Net 2 Fobs

Paxton proximity cards are integral to the Paxton Net2 access control system, serving as a key for users to access secure doors and areas. These proximity cards come with a unique identification number.

When presented to a Paxton proximity reader, the system verifies if the user has the right permissions for entry. If the user’s permissions are confirmed, access is allowed. Paxton proximity cards are widely used in places like office buildings, schools, and various secure settings to control and oversee entry.

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Access Control Cards

Paxton Net2 Keyfobs

Access Control Cards

Paxton Net 2 Proximity Keyfobs

Paxton Access Control

Benefits Paxton Net2 Proximity Fobs

Improved Security: Net2 key fobs use advanced Hitag2 technology and Paxton’s unique encoding. This ensures a safer interaction between the fob and the reader, offering more security than typical proximity cards.

Simple to Use: Just bring the fob close to a matching reader for access. It’s straightforward, with no need for keys or pin codes.

Built to Last: These key fobs are made for durability, giving you long-lasting performance.

Effortless Management: With Paxton’s PC software, it’s easy to set up access permissions and program the fobs quickly.

Affordable: Get Net2 key fobs in packs of 10 without breaking the bank, making it a cost-effective choice for controlling access.

Choose Paxton Net2 Key Fobs for Enhanced Security and Easy Access

Paxton Net2 key fobs are designed for efficiency and security, ideal for any business or facility looking to improve their access control systems without complications.