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Smarter ID Solutions

At CardExchange,  the top priority is to develop efficient, streamlined identity management and print production solutions for organizations of all sizes. As a leading provider of software, CardExchange specialize in online credential management, ID card design and production, digital ID applications, card issuance, and visitor management.

With more than two decades of experience in the ID software industry, CardExchange has evolved to meet the evolving demands of the market. the company have successfully sold over 100,000 licenses globally and cater to a diverse range of sectors, including corporate, educational, and large-scale high-security government facilities.

Card exchange software

Identity Management

Managing id cards, ensuring secure issuance, streamlining photo uploads with automated approval, and maintaining secure data have never been more effortless than with CardExchange® Cloud Suite products.

Virtual & Digital IDs

Enhance your ID Card program with CardExchanges mobile credentials by with Digital & Virtual IDs by using our CardExchange® Stand App.

ID Card Production

CardExchange® Producer delivers everything required to design and print the ideal ID card. From a user-friendly card creation wizard to advanced encoding technology, this software has got it all. Offering both standalone and network licensing, as well as user and group profiles, CardExchange® Producer provides a robust, feature-rich solution that enables printing across your global network while maintaining centralized data access.

Display Labeling Design & Print

CardExchange® PriceTag simplifies the process of creating impeccable display labels while keeping costs down. The use of plastic display labels ensures hygiene and effortless cleaning. CardExchange® PriceTag offers a streamlined system for producing professional, hygienic, and long-lasting labels in just a few quick and easy steps.