Eco Friendly Printed Cards

Certified Eco Printed Cards

In response to numerous enquiries about environmentally friendly products, we have prepared for you new ecological solutions. Below you will find short descriptions of the materials with which we have expanded our offer.

eco printed cards

ECO Paper

Paper is widely acknowledged as the most eco-friendly material utilized by humans. Our unique paper cards are crafted from double-sided coated cardboard in ISO format, with a thickness of 610gsm/0.72mm. 

Additional features for the ECO Paper material include:

  • Full Customization
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Hot stamping
  • Special effect varnish
  • Cold stamping


It doesnt get much more eco-friendly than this: Graspaper is manufactured using recycled grass, making it an even more eco-friendly option compared to purely recycled paper or virgin fiber paper. As a result, it is both biodegradable and compostable.


Graspaper Eco Cards
Recycled PVC

Recycled PVC

Our recycled PVC cards are composed of up to 100% recylced materials and after use can be fully recycled again. PVC can be procssed up to 8 times without loss of quality. 


BIO PVC contains a unique additive which promotes the rapid decomposition of the material when it is disposed of in microbe-rich enviornments. The additive attracts microbes to the material enabling them colonize and break down the material over time. 

Bio PVC has many unique benefits over traditional pvc but it can be customised in all the same ways with all the same features. 
Bio Pvc


PET-G is very similar to traditional plastic but it is a much cleaner material. PET-G does not contain any toxic phthalates or chlorine and it is suitable for recycling and reuse.