Entrust Datacard Printers

Issue trusted identities anytime, anywhere. Plus enjoy easy operation, proven performance, and cost-effective results.

Entrust Datacard printers provide Identity solutions designed to accommodate a comprehensive array of needs, ranging from basic photo identification cards to highly reliable credentials utilizing smart cards and cutting-edge technologies.

Entrust Datacard Printers
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Datacard Printers

Entrust Sigma DS1 Printer

Datacard Printers

Entrust Sigma DS2 Printer

Entrust Datacard Printers

Entrust Sigma DS3 Printer

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Sigma DS1 Printer

Entrust DS1 Printer

The Entrust Sigma DS1 card printer embodies the future of direct-to-card printing technology. Designed for effortless operation, this printers boasts top-of-the-line security features and a modular design, offering a plethora of convenient printing options that will simplify your card printing process

Entrust Sigma DS2 Printer

Entrust DS2 Printer

The Entrust Sigma DS2 direct-to-card printer, is perfect for quality single or double-sided printing. This advanced issuance system is tailored to meet the demands of modern environments. It empowers you to effortlessly create highly secure identities, setting a new standard for card issuance.


Entrust DS3 Printer

Experience enhanced productivity with the Entrust Sigma DS3 direct-to-card printer, designed to provide instantly-issued ID cards at exceptional speeds. Boosting efficiency, this printer incorporates advanced features such as inline magnetic stripe encoding and smart card encoding, ensuring the security of your cards.

Issue safe, secure digital and physical IDs in high volumes or single cards

In a fast paced world where employee badges grant access to offices, and student cards facilitate meal purchases, the secure and efficient issuance of IDs is crucial to meet the needs and expectations of their users.

Entrust revolutionizes this process by offering the industry’s most versatile and seamless ID issuance solutions. With a comprehensive range of central issuance systems, instant desktop printers, and cutting-edge ID issuance software, we simplify the entire procedure.

Drawing from over 50 years of leadership in the issuance industry, Entrust excel at solving ID issuance challenges of all scales, whether they are related to digital or physical credentials.