CardLogic provide ribbons, plastic cards and cleaning kits for all major card printer manufacturers including Zebra, Evolis, Datacard, Fargo and Magicard. We hold a large stock of ribbons including full colour multi panel ribbons such as YMCKO, YMCKOK, YMCK ribbons, single colour monochrome ribbons and also 2 panel KRO and KDO ribbons.
CardLogic also supplies a wide variety of cleaning supplies and kits for your plastic card printer, these include cleaning kits, cleaning cards and cleaning swabs.
Which printer ribbon do I need?
There are many types of ribbons available and it can be confusing figuring out the correct ribbon for your printer. We’ve taken the liberty of outling the basics to keep in mind when shopping for a replacement.First thing to be aware of is the lettering you will come across when picking a ribbon:
Y = Yellow 
M = Magenta 
C = Cyan 
K = Black 
O = Overlay

YMCKO is probably the most common type of ribbon and is used for printing full colour.

YMCKOK is a 6-panel ribbon used for dual-sided printing with full-colour on the front side of the card and black on the back.

YMCK is similar to a YMCKO ribbon but without an overlay – better suited to short term use cards.

K is a black monochrome ribbon, used for printing text and barcodes.

There are a huge variety of ribbons to choose from, but to break it down to the basics: if you need to print a single colour such as text of a barcode, use a monochrome ribbon. If you need to print full-colour such as ID cards you will need a full-colour ribbon. If you need help choosing the best ribbon for your needs, feel free to contact us – 01 -5065661