Smarter than Smart: Introducing IDP Smart Card Printers

The range of Smart printers from IDP are a firm favorite of ours at CardLogic.

The smart series aims to be just that – smart! With lightning fast print speeds, high quality imaging and low running costs, Smart card printers are an easy choice for many industries. Smart card Printer offer a wide range of optional features including mag encoding contact and contactless card encoding, making it ideal for many applications.


Smart Printers

Smart 30 Series – This is the entry level card printer from IDP. This printer may be small but surely packs a punch.
Available as a single or dual -sided model and equipped with Fine™ Printing Technology, The SMART-30 ID card printers provide exceptional value for money. Ideal for small businesses, organisations and membership clubs. If, youre looking for a cost-effective printing solution, then look no further. The Smart 30 series will exceed all expectations.


Smart Printers
Smart 51 Series –
Time to kick it up a notch: Boasting fast sprint speeds, low running costs and unparalleled reliability, the Smart 51 Series Card Printers are ideal for medium to high volume on demand printing.
The 51 Series offers high quality prints and coupled with a low-cost per card, make this an industry favorite. The Smart 51 Series is ideal for ID, Loyalty, Bank cards and more.


Smart Printers

Smart 70 Series –
The top echelon; the Smart 70 Series is for those who take their plastic card printing seriously. This high-performance card printer has a unique modular design; this allows for varioud upgrades/configurations to suit a variety of printing needs. Ideal for large volume print runs – 500 cards can be continuously printed, laminated and encoded in each print run.