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In this section, we answer all the most commonly asked questions related to plastic card printers. If you can’t find the answer you need, please dont hesitate to reach out.

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What is a card printer?

A card printer is a desktop printing machine used to personalize and print plastic cards such as ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards are more.

What are the different types of card printer?

Plastic Card Printer, PVC Card Printer, ID Card Printer – you’ll hear these terms a lot but they all refer to the same thing. A printer that is used for printing plastic cards. There are a lot of variations in terms of quality, speed etc but fundamentally, they all provide the same function.

Which Printer brand is best?

There is no definitive “best” printer brand. Each brand tends to have a focus area that they excel in. For example, Smart printers offers affordable machines and Zebra focus on creating strong all-rounders.


What are printed plastic cards?

Printed Plastic Cards are PVC cards that have been specially customised with a card printer machine.These cards are used by businsesses and organisations wordlwide for Staff ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards and more.

Printed ID Cards

Printed ID Cards are plastic cards used to identify employees, club members and students. These ID Cards usually contain information such as name, photograph andemployee number.

What are printed membership cards?

Printed Membership Cards are personalised cards used to identity and track members of various clubs. These cards are printed with specialised card printing machines.

What are asset tags?

Asset tags are small adhesive labels used to track psychical assets by scanning a barcode on the tag or through a contactless RFID signal


What is a lanyard?

A lanyard is a cord or strap worn around the neck which uses an attachment should as a strap or clip to display ID Cards, Keys and other accessories

What is the purpose of a lanyard?

A lanyard is cord worn around the neck designed with to hold various items. Lanyards have a variety of hooks, clips and attachments, depending on the item you want to display.

What are printed lanyards?

Printed lanyards are neckstraps with have been customised with text, graphics or logos. We use specialised equipment to transfer imagery onto the strap of the lanyard.

How does the lanyard printing process work?

The Lanyard Printing process uses various print methods such as dye-sublimation and silk-screening to transfer ink onto the strap of the lanyard