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A plastic ID card holder is a simple yet effective method of displaying and protecting your ID Card.They come in many different forms with different functionality for different applications such as access control, etc.

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Vinyl Card Holders

Vinyl Card Holder 91 x 65mm

Vinyl Card Holders

Vinyl Card Holder:102 x 83

Card Holders

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Plastic ID Badge Holder Types

  • Single-sided cardholders: A simple and cost-effective solution for keeping your ID card safe and secure. The holder features a open faced front allowing you to easily display your ID card.

  • Proximity Card Holder: Designed for use with proximity access cards, this holder features a special opening that allows the card to be read without having to remove it from the holder.

  • Magnetic Card Holder: Featuring a strong magnet, this holder is perfect for attaching to clothing or other metal surfaces.

  • Badge Holder with Clip: Keep your ID card within reach with this holder, which features a secure clip that can easily attach to your clothing or lanyard.

  • Multi-Card Holder: Designed to hold multiple ID cards, this holder is perfect for those who need to carry multiple access cards or ID badges.


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Plastic id card holders