Mifare Access Control ®

CardLogic supplies a huge range of Mifare products including cards, compatible readers, fobs and stickers.

Mifare technology is used worldwide to keep track of a number of access solutions so you can ensure that your access control is in good hands with mifare lad. This is  perfect for keeping track of a number 

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Access Control Cards

MIFARE 1K Card ®

Access Control Cards

MIFARE 4K Cards ®

Access Control Stickers & 'Tags

MIFARE Classic 1K® RFID Tags 50mm

Access Control Readers

HID iClass SE R15 Reader

Access Control Readers

Paxton10 Slimline Reader

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Access Control ®

Unlock the future of security with our comprehensive range of Mifare Access Control products. Designed for convenience, security, and flexibility, our selection includes cards, fobs, stickers, and state-of-the-art access control readers. Whether you’re safeguarding a business facility or modernizing the entry points of a residential building, our Mifare products guarantee reliable, seamless, and swift access control.

Mifare Products We Offer

Mifare stands at the forefront of access control technology. With a reputation for unparalleled security and performance, our products have been trusted worldwide by businesses, institutions, and homeowners alike. When you choose Mifare, you’re investing in peace of mind and the promise of cutting-edge technology.


MIFARE Cards ®

  • Slim, durable, and easy to carry.
  • Quick read and response time.
  • Resistant to wear, long lifespan.
  • Can be customized with logos, photos, and designs.
Black Mifare Fob


  • Compact and ergonomic design.
  • Ideal for key chains and lanyards.
  • High Durability
  • Instant recognition by all Mifare-enabled readers.
Proximity backbox reader MIFARE®

MIFARE Compatible Readers ®

  • Robust and tamper-resistant design.
  • Compatible with all Mifare cards, fobs, and stickers.
  • Multi-frequency reading capability.
  • Easy installation and integration