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Cardpresso Software

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  • Built-in image editor
  • Templates
  • Barcodes
  • Magnetic Encoding
  • Database Management

You can find the CardPresso Manual here

Cardpresso ID Card Design Software

When you need a comprehensive solution for ID Card Design, Cardpresso Ticks all the boxes. This feature rich software covers every aspect of card printing from design to encoding, all managed through a simplictic interface.

The Best Features

CardPresso is designed to make card production easy. Graphic design and personalization tools are built in. Magnetic, contact and contactless chip encoding are available. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone to use the software without much training.

perfect for any print job

Cardpresso offers three varities of their software to cater to a variety of different printing operations. From small, basic ID Card issuance to high-voulme, secure batch printing.

cardPresso XS is a basic card design software, designed for small ID card programs that don’t require advanced design and database options. With XS you get:

  • Image editing options
  • Text editing
  • 1D and magnetic stripe encoding
  • Batch printing & conditional printing
  • XLS, XLSX, CSV & TXT database connections

cardPresso XM, which is the next step up from XS, includes all the features found in XS and more advanced design and database options:

  • 2D barcode encoding
  • Search (query) records
  • OLE Objects & photo on database
  • A scrip tab & encoding view

For advanced features,cardPresso XLincludes:

  • Fingerprint capture
  • User management & reporting options
  • Auto printing
  • Overlay, UV, and F panel management
  • ODBC connection to an external database