Stand out with our Blank Plastic cards

We stock a huge range of coloured blank id cards – ready for printing. These cards are solid colour with a completely flush surface ensuring perfect prints every time. Their bright vivid colours will be sure to draw attention to you.

All cards are compliant with ISO CR-80 standards and delivered in a dust-free sealed packaging to help you get a better print quality.

You can buy plastic cards with a range of different finishes and features, such as metallic, matte and glossy.

blank id card

Blank PVC Cards

Blank CR80 cards are the industry standard for most types of plastic cards. ID Cards, Credit Cards, Licences and more are all printed on CR80 blank PVC cards. They have a durable, high gloss finish which ensures accurate colour representation as well as durability

Our high-quality Blank ID cards are ideal for printing all manner of staff ,  membership and club ID cards.  A high-quality scratch-resistant surface keeps your cards looking vibrant longer.

Our Blank ID cards come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Cards are available in a variety of materials from standard plastic to earth friendly bio-degradable cards.

Compatible with all makes and models of printers, these cards will ensure the most accurate colour representation with HD imaging.

When shopping for a card, you will come across terms such as CR80 and 760 Micron. CR80 is simply a designation given to a standard credit card size (86 x 54mm) and Microns are a unit of length used to measure card thickness – 760 being the industry standard.