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Demand for cheap and reliable ID Card printer has exploded in recent years. Thankfully, modern card printers are simple to use, reliable and cost-effective.

We supply a broad range of card printers from the biggest names in the print industry We can match a print to any specific needs you may have.

Choosing your ID Printer can be a daunting task. There can be a lot of technical terms and complex specifications to take into account – all of which leave you confused and frustrated.

Thankfully, we’ve created this mini-guide of the top factors to be aware of when shopping for a card printer.

1) Single or Dual-Sided Printer 
Most ID Printers have the option of single or dual-sided printing. The only difference is a small internal flipper in the dual-sided model which allows for printing on both sides. Typically, Single-sided printers are much cheaper but you will need to manually flip the card each time you print an ID Badge if you need to print on both sides.

2) Printing Method 
There are 2 types of desktop printers. DTC (Direct-to-card) and Retransfer (Reverse Transfer). DTC is the most common, offering superior speeds but with lesser quality and because of the printing method, it leaves a small white border around the edge of the id card. Retransfer printers offer far superior print quality
and print right to the edge of the card – the caveat being they are much slower and more expensive.

3) Volume Requirements 
If you intend on printing large batches of ID cards such as Student ID cards, you may want to consider a printer with large input and output hoppers for convienience.

4) Security & Lamination

Lamination units are used to add durabilty to your cards. A laminated card will last miuch longer than a traditional overlay. Laminates can also be used to add security holograms to cards for additional security.