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Hospital ID Cards

All hospitals in Ireland now require hospital ID cards for both nurses and doctors. CardLogic has been providing hospitals with printed hospital id cards for many years. We know that hospitals are hectic places and quick and easy identification is a must for smooth day-to-day operations. If you need ID cards for patients, doctors or visitors we can print the perfect card for you.

Printed Hospital ID Cards

An example of printed Hospital ID cards could consist of the hospital name, logo, photo of the card holder, name and department. Other fields can also be printed on the card such as expiry date and issue number.

Our Hospital ID Cards can be used in a number of different ways. We can offer multipurpose cards to boost efficiency. Possible uses for hospital ID cards include:

Identification: ID cards for staff, patient and visitors can help hospital staff easily distinguish who’s who

Access Control: Need to keep curious people of the operating room? Access control technology can limit access to certain areas to only those who hold the relevant authority. Access control can control everything from wards and wings, to specific rooms and areas.

Payments: Hospitals with an integrated payment system can make staff purchases at cafeterias and shops simple.

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