MIFARE Classic EV1® The MIFARE CLASSIC EV1® range represents the very best in its class and consitutes the peak of the MIFARE® classic product family. Available with a 1k & 4k chip, it can serve a multitude of application requirements.

MIFARE Classic 1K®

The MIFARE Classic card is at its core, a basic memory storage device where the memory is divided into sectors and blocks. The MIFARE 1K Card ® offers 1024 bytes of memory storage space. The storage is split into sectors which are protected by keys. These keys can be programmed to read, write etc.

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MIFARE Classic 4k®

The 4K card provides 4096 bytes spread across 40 sectors. 32 of these sectors are the same size as the 1k chip sectors and the remaining eight are 4 times as large.
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NXP MIFARE ® started a revolution in the smart card industry in 1994 and today they continue to innovate as a world-leader in the contactless card sector. The EV1 Classic family represents the highest echelon of the MIFARE ® family. These cards provide outstanding quality, robustness and enhanced security for a range of applications.

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