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Why DESfire

The DESFire ® range is built for reliable, secure and scalable contactless solutions. Consisting of the EV1 & EV2 contactless cards, the DESfire card promises fast and above all secure data transmission. This product-based card is capable of holding up to 28 difference applications with 32 files per-application, making it a truly versatile smart card.

DESFIRE Applications

The key to the success of the MIFARE brand lies in its versatility From plastic cards to stickers and tags for smartphone and electronics, you can find a solution for just about anything with MIFARE. To name but a few applications for DESFire: staff access cards, loyalty cards, event ticketing and more. Due to their security protocols DESfire is popular with Government bodies and and educational institutions.

MIFARE Access Control Solutions transform the way you access services every day.