Printed student id cards

Printed Student ID Cards

As Ireland’s largest supplier of printed student id cards, our aim is to provide the highest standard of security to educational institutions across the nation. For over a decade we have worked closely with some of the most prestigious educational institutions, assisting with the design & print of student, staff and visitor ID cards.

We can cater for all manner of student cards: from standard issue cards, to library and exclusive student club cards.

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Student ID Card Printing

Format and function

Student ID cards are one of the most popular forms of ID cards. Schools develop and implement ID card programs to not only identify their students and faculty, but to streamline and combine applications such as eating in the school cafeteria and checking out books from the library. Student ID card programs increase school security
and make everyday operations more efficient

Cards can be so much more than a means of identifying students. Use for cafeteria purchases, library and gym access and much more. These Cards are

Student ID Cards are available in many formats; A typical layout might consist of college logo or crest and includes fields such as Photo, name, course details, date of birth and student ID number. From basic, monochrome single-sided cards to highly detailed, secure, encoded cards. The type of card issued depends entirely on the size of the school and the functions the card will need to perform. For example, some student cards are used not only for idenfitication, but for eating in the school restaurant or borrowing from the school library. Above all, Student ID’s make everyday school operations much more efficient.

Student Card Printing Bundle

CardLogic also supply a student ID printing card printing bundle should you wish to print the cards yourself. This bundle includes everything you need to start printing your own cards.

Many schools and colleges prefer to print student cards on-site as this avoids delays and helps with time restraints. We offer complete solutions for on-site printing to include printers with enoding, lamination and uv printing.

  • Print Student Cards On-Demand

    Most schools and colleges need to print their student cards on-demand on-site. We offer complete bundles for on-site card printing.

  • Custom tailored printing bundles

    Each institution is different. We know the best components and we can work together to design your ideal print solution

  • Complete Control

    Print Cards as and when you need them. You have complete control over your print operation.

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Our school contain everything you need to print cards and can be fully customized to suit your institutions needs to included extras such as lamination, encoding and UV secure printing. We’ve worked with some of Ireland’s leading education institutions and know the ideal machines and setups for schools.

A lot of schools use pre-printed cards with a static design or logo and then choose to print the variable text information on the card themselves. This can be an efficient and cost effective method for very large institutions who print very large volumes of cards.