Lever Badge Clip W/ Plastic Popper

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The humble ID badge clip: These plastic popper level clips are the ideal solution for clearly displaying your business cards or identity cards.

ID Badge Clip

At CardLogic, we take great pride in all our products, right down to the humble id badge clip. Affordable and high-quality, these compact and sturdy ID accessories have a 90mm long strap clip: great for coupling with all kinds of cards or ID holders. For example, these clips are often used by healthcare professionals for quick access to frequently used items such as hand sanitizer.

Clip onto your uniform or work-wear and have your ID to hand at any time — no more lost Cards. Tired of tatty looking cards? Not anymore, these clips prevent your ID badge from premature wear and tear common with the traditional wallet or pocket storage.

The metal popper fits snuggly through a slotted opening in your ID or access card. So, your ID will always be in contact with you and immediately observable — can be easily taken on and off as required with no worry of pin damage.

Highly durable nickel-plated badge clip with nylon strap and metal popper, these badge clips come in a pack of 100 meaning they are a great choice for large group visits or for use throughout your workplace. Above all, they can be re-used so you are getting fantastic value for money.

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