Blank Magstripe Cards HiCo

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These Blank magstripe cards are a fantastic low cost option for those who need to print magstripe cards.

Blank Magstripe Cards – Pack of 100

HiCo Magstripe Cards

Blank magstripe cards; ideal for use as loyalty, gift, hotel key cards and much more. We sell our magnetic stripe cards in packs of 100 providing you with a lower cost per card. We stock a wide range of magnetic stripe and other technology cards.

  • Low-cost Mag Stripe Cards

    Magnetic Strip cards offer a low-cost option compared to other technology cards; they can be easily encoded or re-encoded in seconds and can store more data than a barcode.

  • Durable Cards

    Magstripe Cards are extremely hardwearing with a lifespan of 3 years on average.

  • Versatile Cards

    Magstripe cards can be encoded in seconds and are ideal for a whole range of plastic card applications. Loyalty, git or membership cards, as well as any point of sale systems – to name but a few.

  • Cost-effective, durable cards
  • CR80 i.e. credit card size
  • Pack of 100

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