Blank Magstripe Cards HiCo

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These Blank magstripe cards are a fantastic low cost option for those who need to print magstripe cards.

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blank magstripe cards

Blank Magstripe Cards – Pack of 100

HiCo Magstripe Cards

Blank magstripe cards; ideal for use as loyalty, gift, hotel key cards and much more.

Quick & Easy

Cards can be encoded or re-encoded in seconds, making them ideal for loyalty, gift or membership cards; as well as any point of sale system.


Magnetic stripe cards offer a low-cost option compared to most technology cards; they can be easily re-encoded and can store more data than a barcode.

  • Cost-effective, durable cards
  • CR80 i.e. credit card size
  • Pack of 100

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Magstripe Cards Specifications

High Coercivity, commonly known as “HiCo” magnetic stripe cards are recommended for most applications.  HiCo Cards are usually a deep black colour and are encoded with a stronger magnetic field.

The stronger magnetic field greatly increases the cards durability as the data contained on the strip is less likely to be corrupted or erased by an external magnetic field.

These Blank magstripe cards are a fantastic low-cost option for those who need to print upon magstripe cards. Sold in packs of 100, these cards are blank white with a hi-co magstripe on the reverse of the card. The user can easily encode these cards with any compatible card printer; ideal for use with access control, parking and time attendance systems. These blank magstripe cards come slot punched for easy attachment to a lanyard etc.