HID Flexsmart MIFARE ® Cards

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  • Frequency: 13.56Mhz
  • Memory: 1K
  • Operating Distance: 100mm
  • Quantity:100

HID Flexsmart MIFARE ® Cards

HID Flexsmart MIFARE ® Cards use radio frequencies to identify and track tags which contain electronically stored information. As the name suggests, the flexsmart MIFARE ® Cards cards do not directly come in contact with the reader. These cards have an antenna built in the card. The antenna of the RFID card communicates with the card reader for reading and writing data on the card. These HID access cards also have a MIFARE® chip embedded in the card.

These RFID cards are compatible with all direct image and thermal transfer card printers. These HID cards can be held on many of accessories such as lanyards, badge clips and cardholders.  These cards include a 32-bit serial number and encryption making them very hard to clone. For that reason, these identity cards are suitable for a broad range of applications such as identification cards, access control, discount cards or membership cards.

  • sold in packs of 100
  • Used for a wide range of applications such as access control, identification cards, and loyalty cards.
  • CR80 credit card sized (86 x 54mm).
  • Includes a 32 bit serial number and encryption making them very highly secure.
  • Manufacturer part number – 1430


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