IDP Smart 70 Printer

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Expertly built with a metal frame and metal shaft and all bearing to ensure complete sturdiness and reliability, the SMART-70 Series is a highly durable card printer from IDP.

IDP Smart 70 Card Printer

The Smart 70S single-sided printer from IDP is perfect for large volumes of plastic ID cards. Due to its robust design, and exceptional reliability, it is the ideal choice for users who have large capacity needs, or for users who would like to secure their credential media in the securely locked printer.

The SMART-70 Series offers a unique and practical modular design that is easily upgraded by the end-user should they feel the need to do so. The easily upgradeable and interchangeable features of this printer offer a simple no-tool upgrade strategy that any dealer or IT technician would be able to configure in minutes, regardless of their technical abilities. Composed of a number of different compartments including a printer, an encoding station, laminator, flipper and hopper, each station has its very own power supply and communication cables are provided to connect each station and successfully synchronise their operations.

Smart Printing Technology

The SMART-70 Series integrates all of the newest technologies that are available, from the enhanced FINE imaging technology and the MS, contact and contactless smart card encoder to the 1D and 2D-barcode reader to the reversible magnetic stripe encoder. Offering scratch free technology that is specifically designed to disperse the weight of the cards with a unique feeding hopper, each card surface is completely protected from getting damaged with scratches during the entry and exit process. Providing a top class and an easy to use card feed mechanism, the beneficial hook system ensures accurate card feeding each and every time. The printer ribbon in this particular IDP Smart printer is a 500-card ribbon, which exactly matches the capacity of the hopper. For this very reason, the time and money that users have to spend maintaining and replacing components within the printer are significantly reduced in comparison to other ID card printers. The IDP Smart 70 also comes as standard with USB and Ethernet connectivity.

On using the SMART-70 card printer, users are provided with extreme versatility and flexibility. high-performance card printing and value for money. Given its long list of versatile and beneficial features, this is one card printer that stands high above that of other ID card printers that are available on the market today. All things considered, this printer is a fantastic choice.


  • Five year warranty
  • High print capacity printer
  • YMCKO & YMCKOK colour ribbon available
  • 500 input and output hooper
  • High secure design
  • Batch printing


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