Matica XID8300 Printer

Matica XID8300: Advanced, Affordable and Flexible

Matica XID8300 Printer

Matica’s XID8300 printer combines dependability with fast print speeds and exceptional printing quality. With its easy-to-use modular design, the XID8300 is easily managed and upgraded – a must have for any institution serious about their ID printing program.

Retransfer printing allows for true over edge printing with perfect clarity: sharp, crystal clear colours bring ID cards to life. Make your cards more secure: optional ultraviolet security printing make the 8300 more than a match for the most demanding of printing tasks.

The user-friendly design of this model makes day to day usage simple. This model has a front-loading system for replacing cartridges and blank cards. This gives the printer greater autonomy and requires minimal user interaction.

  • High-quality prints
  • Easily upgraded
  • Up to 120 cards per-hour