MIFARE Contactless Cards ®


Pack of 100 MIFARE Contactless Cards

MIFARE Contactless Cards 1k ®

Pioneers in the smart card industry, MIFARE Contactless Cards ® are in use globally for a whole host of applications: transport, access control, time attendance, club memberships and more. It’s likely at some point in your life you have used a MIFARE Chip for some reason.

These MIFARE contactless cards are supplied blank and can be easily personalised and encoded with the right plastic card printer. A nice feature of these cards is their completely smooth, flush surface; many chip cards have a slightly raised indentation where the chip is placed making printing in colour awkward.

  • Infinite reads due to batteryless design
  • Card memory: 1k
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • ISO 14443A
  • Lightning Fast data transfer
  • Data retention: 10 years

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