Salto Key Fobs – Pack of 10

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Sold in packs 10, these SALTO MIFARE® PFM01KB key fobs have a multi-application with other control systems.

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Salto Key fobs

Salto key fobs will allow you to gain access to a building or facility easily and securely to keep your building running smoothly. This fob can also be attached to a key ring or lanyard for added security. There is no need to worry about these fobs being damaged from water due to their waterproof layer. These keyfobs have a 1K chip from NXP embedded inside the keyfob.

  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Includes 1kb of memory
  • Compatible with key rings and lanyards
  • Infinite number of reads
  • Suitable for access control and attendance management.
  • Manufacturer part number – PFM01KB

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