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Smart 31D Dual-sided Printer

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Smart 31D ID Card Printer

Looking for a cost-effective yet high-quality solution for your ID card printing needs? The Smart 31D ID Card printer is a compact powerhouse that’s transforming the ID card printing scene. It’s the ideal pick for budget-conscious businesses that don’t want to compromise on quality. Plus, its reliability is sealed with a robust 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring you get value for your investment.

The Smart 31D printer is a true all-rounder. It effortlessly prints on various types of plastic cards, be it standard access control cards or the more environmentally friendly eco cards. What’s more, it’s incredibly user-friendly. Forget about complex training sessions – using this printer is as easy as operating the everyday inkjet printer in your home. It’s designed for simplicity and ease.

The internal flipper allows you to print on both sides of the cards effortlessly allowing you to print more cards, faster. 

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The Smart 31 Bundle is a specially curated system that provides everything you need to start printing cards. And best of all, we will remotley set up your printer and software for you, free of charge.

smart 31s card printer

Smart 31D Id Card Printer Features

Smart 31 printer


The Smart 31D ID card printer sets the standard for ease of use when it comes toplastic card issuance, ensuring a seamless experience from the initial unboxing to the final stages of card printing and management.

Every aspect of the Smart 31 has been meticulously designed to simplify the user experience. The management of printer settings is streamlined, with the Smart 31 offering clear and concise instructions and feedback at each step, ensuring a smooth and error-free operation.



The Smart 31 Dualisdued stands at the forefront of security architecture in card issuance, offering unmatched safeguarding measures for both the physical cards and the sensitive customer data involved in the issuance process.

At each stage of card creation, the Smart series employs advanced encryption protocols to ensure customer data remains secure. Additionally, the printers are designed with a critical security feature: they do not retain any customer data post-printing, ensuring that once a card is issued, the data associated with it is immediately and securely purged from the system.



The Smart 31, equipped with 300 DPI printing capabilities, delivers exceptionally sharp, clear, and vibrant prints, ensuring outstanding quality across a diverse range of card types. This level of precision in print quality guarantees that every card issued is not only professional in appearance but also meets the highest standards of clarity and color richness.

Furthermore, the Smart 31 enhances operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness by offering print ribbons that yield up to 250 high-quality prints. This impressive output capacity positions the Smart 31 not just as a printer, but as a comprehensive, high-quality printing solution, providing significant value for money.

Smart 31D PVC Card Printer FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

The Smart 31 is available in both single & dual-sided models. The dual-sided model can print on both sides of the card in one pass. Users can still print on both sides of the card with a single-sided printer, they must simply manually remove the cards after the first print and put it through the machine again to print the other side. 

The Smart 31 is an entry-level printer but it is highly robust.  This printer is ideal for small to medium sized card printing operations that would print up to 2000 cards per-year.

Yes, the smart 31 can encode both magstipe and smart cards. However, this is an optional upgrade and is not available on the standard model. 

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