Smart 51D Card Printer W/ Mag Encoder


Smart just got smarter: Introducing the Smart 51s printer from IDP. This printer was specifically designed to provide the ultimate print quality, speed and reliability.

Smart 51D Card Printer

Smart just got smarter: Introducing the Smart 51D Card printer from IDP. The Smart 51D inherits and builds on the hugely popular 50 series. Put simply, this printer provides the highest quality card printing experience without breaking the bank.

Low-cost, dual-sided plastic card printing

The core spirit of the 51D lies in its print quality, speed and stability. IDP’s new SMART-51 card printer improves on previous models already impressive speeds up to by 10% thanks to a new, powerful CPU. Precise ribbon movement enhances print quality allowing for superb, high definition images and sharp crisp text. Whatever your requirements the Smart 51 has you covered: print a single card or print in batches — up to 200 cards per hour, and all with incredibly low running costs. This printer comes with a full LCD display and unrivaled 5-year printer manufacturer warranty.

  • Irelands best-selling ID card printer
  • With Magnetic stripe encoding
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Easy set-up, plug and play USB card printer
  • Full-colour print in under 30 seconds
  • Low running costs.

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