Smart Card Printer

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Be Smart: Buying a Smart Card Printer is undoubtedly a clever mover. Lightning fast speeds, fantastic print quality, all wrapped up in a sleek affordable bundle.

IDP 51S Smart Card Printer

Introducing the next generation of Smart Card Printer: The 51 from IDP is the very latest in a long line of hugely successful printers. Building on the strengths of its predecessor the Smart 50, the 51 offers lightning quick printing and fantastic quality, all at a low cost-per-card.

Smart by name, Smart by Nature

The smart card printer benefits from a host of upgrades. Enhancements to the printer include the application of a new modern CPU, a sleek, user-friendly design and application-specific features for unique projects. All this results in improved speed, quality and user experience.

Users will benefit from a 10% boost in print speed thanks to the new powerful CPU. Pinpoint Ribbon movement allows for better print quality, vastly improving on an already impressive print. Print a single card or print in bulk; this card printer is capable of printing 200 cards per hour. Finally, thanks to a 5-year manufacturers warranty, peace of mind is guaranteed.

  • Blistering print speeds
  • Exceptional quality
  • Low-price promise
  • 5-year warranty


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