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CardLogic is a leading specialist supplier of Smart cards, access control cards, proximity cards, contact memory cards, contactless cards and magnetic stripe cards in Ireland.

These types of cards can be used in a wide range of applications including public transport for fare payment, access control, cashless vending, parking, loyalty, electronic purse, gambling, road toll, student, employee IDs in government and corporate environments, e-passports and other secure travel documents, and cards for cashless payment.

We are distributors for Europe’s leading smart card manufacturers, all cards are put through a rigorous quality control procedure before deployment. As we deal directly with manufacturers this allows CardLogic to provide smartcards, proximity card contactless cards etc in a very short lead time.

We hold in stock high levels of common cards such as MIFARE Classic® 1k & 4k, MIFARE Ultralight® cards, HID Cards Legic cards, HiTag cards, Co-Tag cards and mag-stripe cards.

Smart Card Printing Service

Here at CardLogic we also provide a printing service for smart cards where we can print single or full colour onto smart cards. These types of cards can also be personalised with details such as name and number and also a signature stripe can be provided.

If you want to encode and print smart cards during the same cycle, CardLogic can provide you with a card printing solution including card design & printing software and plastic card printer which will not only print the card but also encode the card during the same print run.